Hamilton County ARES
Commonly Used Frequencies

Any operator in the Hamilton County area who, for any reason, suspects that a communications emergency may exits should monitor the 146.6700- PL 123.0 Repeater for updates. If this repeater is not available, the 146.9250- PL 123.0 Repeater may be used. The 146.8800- PL 123.0 Repeater will be used by SkyWARN if needed.

ARES members, upon becoming aware or being notified that an emergency exists, should monitor the following frequencies. DO NOT check-in a net unless instructed to do so:

  • 146.6700- PL 123.0 Repeater to receive instructions and updates.
  • 146.9250- PL 123 Repeater if the 146.6700- PL 123.0 Repeater is not in service or if needed as a supplemental frequency.
  • 145.4500 is the primary Simplex frequency during an emergency.
  • DMR Ohio-Wide TG 3139 can also be used for a Command Net between jurisdictions.


146.6700- 123.0 – Tactical Primary (Main Activation Repeater)
146.9250- 123.0 – Command Primary
145.4500 – Simplex Primary

Ohio-wide TG #3139 – Command Primary
441.0000 TG #99 – Simplex Primary
Local TG #9 – Cincinnati North (Greenhills) Repeater Only
Local TG #2 – SW Ohio & NKY Local Network

Winlink Gateways
KD8VAJ-10  Winlink Gateway (QTH: Hamilton Co Public Health Building)
KC8EGV-10 Winlink Gateway (QTH: North Central Hamilton County)
Packet Stations
List Pending

Current Frequency Plan (pdf)

Make Your Own Frequency List or DMR Code Plug

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